After Your Delivery

In keeping with our Mother-Baby model of care, you and your new son or daughter will be moved to a private room after recovery. Large, attractively furnished patient rooms, complete with a rocking chair, enhance our family-centered facility. Nurses are on hand to check on you and your baby, answer your questions, and teach you basic infant care.

The Nursery

The nursery provides Level II care under the direction of our Pediatricians and several Family Practitioners, if your baby develops any problems. Your baby is kept in the nursery only if he or she needs close observation and care. However, if you need some rest or are not feeling well, the nursery is always open. Sophisticated monitoring equipment is available and operated by highly skilled registered nurses under the direction of our Maternal and Child Health physicians. Our nursing staff is experienced in oxygen therapy, IV therapy and cardiac monitoring. All staff are certified in newborn resuscitation.

Now that you’re home...

A new baby is beautiful, miraculous, and sometimes, a little unnerving—particularly for "first-timers” and for moms who don’t have experienced, extended family nearby to help. At Riverview, we recognize that this can be a challenging time. You may choose to participate in many Riverview Health and Fitness classes, such as Bounce Back from Baby, AquaBabes, Move to the Music, and more. Call 317-776-7225 to find out more or view Classes online.

Support for Nursing Mothers

First-time moms especially may have ongoing questions about breastfeeding. In addition to a breastfeeding class, Riverview offers:

  • A free Breastfeeding Support Group, which meets every Thursday. Call 317-776-7202.
  • The Breastfeeding Resource Line, 317-776-7202. Your call will be returned.

For More Information

Call: 317-776-7200

Physician Referral

Phone: 317-776-7450

Visiting Hours

11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Fathers or partners may visit at any time.

Maternity Center