"Get Well" Soon

Do you know someone who is a patient here at Riverview Hospital? If so, then take some time to send a "get well" message. Your message will be printed and hand-delivered to the patient by one of our dedicated hospital Volunteers.

We recognize in todayís health care environment that inpatient hospital stays are much shorter than in past years making it difficult for loved ones to mail a get well card to a patient or congratulatory message to a new mom. At Riverview Hospital, we know how important it is for our guests to hear from loved ones near and far so we want to help you do the next best thing with our express email messaging.

Simply fill out all the information on the form to the right using the patientís full, real name and press send. The information will be sent to our Volunteers where it will be printed and hand-delivered to the patient . If an email arrives for a patient who has been discharged, the email will be discarded.

Emails will be delivered to patients between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM daily, excluding holidays and weekends. Any emails arriving after 4:00 PM or on a holiday or weekend will be delivered the following business morning.

Please be aware that your email message will be similar to sending a postcard. We cannot guarantee privacy or confidentiality. Also, understand that patients are not able to reply to emails sent via this application.